January 30, 2023 to February 3, 2023
CEA Paris-Saclay
Europe/Paris timezone

Welcome to the 4th International Workshop on Quantitative Challenges in Short-Range Correlations and the EMC Effect Research held at CEA Paris-Saclay (Orme des Merisiers).


  This workshop is supported by

  the Espace de Structure Nucléaire Théorique (ESNT)

  of the CEA/DRF and CEA/DAM




The workshop sets to:

  • Review the recent experimental results on SRC and EMC effect research from Jefferson Lab, JINR, and GSI using electron, photonuclear, and hadronic probes

  • Present the different theoretical approaches in the description of SRC in nuclear structure calculations (contact formalism, quasi-deuteron approach, ab-initio approaches)

  • Survey appropriate methods of reaction theory, with specific focus on hadron induced reactions

  • Discuss the theoretical interpretation of SRC, and isolate the most relevant observables that should be measured / calculated

  • Discuss the roadmap for future experimental and theoretical developments


(More photos in the materials)



First Circular: here

Second Circular: here

Registration for in-person participation: closed
Registration for joining the Zoom broadcast is open until 28 Jan 2023.


Organizing Committee:

  Tom Aumann (TUDa & GSI)

  Anna Corsi (CEA)

  Or Hen (MIT)

  Julian Kahlbow (MIT & TAU)

  Eli Piasetzky (TAU)

  Stefan Typel (TUDa & GSI)

  Erez Cohen (NRCN)